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we cut to the chase when it comes to advising our clients on the most effective strategy to meet the requirements of regulatory authorities on national and global levels. idmp is what we do.

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idmp @ bcgch

what to expectownership of your data guarantees timely product registrations.


accessibility to data

augment your solution landscape with the latest technology and solutions to access data when and where required.


end-2-end traceability

data ownership not only provides trusted data to data consumers, it also forms the basis of your whole organisation's strategy.

risk mitigation

risk mitigation

a sustainable and agile environment prepares your business to be prepared for any adverse event, mitigate risks and be pro-active with remedial steps.


compliance through standards

only best practice methodologies, latest technology protocols and industry standards ensure full regulatory compliance.


reusability of data assets

your data assets are yours to use. ensure processes and systems utilise their true value through modular, compliant processes.


data lineage & provenance

be certain that the data sources you use, are fact-based and trusted across all business units through a sustainable data governance framework.

the benefits

the benefits of idmp compliance

apart from the most obvious benefit - being compliant with regulatory requirements - the idmp technology-, business- and solution landscapes are not always so clear. sometimes conflicting information about timelines or how a company should implement 'something' can be quite frustrating. we have highlighted just a few benefits below, hoping they will be sufficient to start an interactive discussion:

  • harmonised and aligned cross-functional data assets
  • enhanced, fact-based decision making
  • reusability of trusted data elements and processes

trust across your
product portfolio

there are a few distinctions to be made about what exactly is meant by 'idmp'. the iso idmp standards apply to medicinal products for humans, whereas spor applies to both human and veterinary domains.

  • improved data quality & integrity deliver more efficient regulatory action
  • pro-active interventions have a positive impact on public health and safety
  • reducing data silos and improving interoperability ensures profitable products-to-market
idmp trust